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'HEALTHY' is not a diet, gym membership, or a size. Healthy is a life style and a state of mind. Healthy is finding the balance in life to support your body, mind, and soul so you can love your life enough that it spills over into the lives of others and becomes contagious!

We have made it our brands mission to create balance for you and your family. Thank you for allowing us to share what we’ve learned, and touch lives along the way.



This is your home for lovingly hand crafted all natural personal care products and remedies. Made with the finest ingredients to ensure healthy, nourished skin, lips and hair without the use of preservatives, chemicals, toxins, artificial colors, fragrances or fillers.

Each product in our growing line has been created to be effective, healing and soothing for every member of the family. Formulation is guided by our constant study of herbs, minerals, and essential oils, and each product is finished with a prayer and blessing. 

Made in small batches, in Canton, Ohio to help you experience a healthier more balanced and peaceful life. That’s the Boho Vibe!




Our Arnica / Magnesium Butter, is a wonderful relief for pain and inflammation associated with bruises, aches, and sprains. Absorbing quickly this supports the body with additional minerals. 

Your skin will be moisturized, as our butter goes to work increasing the rigidity and flexibility in your bones as well as easing muscle cramps and spasms.

For external use only. keep away from children. not recommended during pregnancy or nursing.


Our Magnesium Body Butter is made of an emollient rich base of Shea and Cocoa butter, perfectly blended with Magnesium and therapeutic grade essential oils of Sweet Orange and Lavender to create a deeply nourishing body butter that uplifts and soothes.

Magnesium is responsible for more than 300 reactions in the body that perform incredible functions, from promoting strength and flexibility in the bones, to enhancing circulation, relieving pain and more. This beautiful body butter absorbs immediately to moisturize and heal the skin. Use as a daily moisturizer for hands, feet, nails, lips and face. 


Say HELLO to our newest Magnesium Body Butter. This beautiful shea and cocoa butter base moisturizer will leave your skin feeling like cashmere all day long! You’ll fall in love with Calendula and how it helps heal chapped dry skin. With the added benefit of MG to help remineralize our bodies and the uplifting scent of Sweet Orange and Grapefruit essential oils .. you’ll never need another moisturizer for after the shower.

Sea Buckthorn foot butter

Nelipot: (n.) One who walks barefoot.

Spending most of my life with my feet in the earth, I struggle with acute dry cracked heals. Till now! Meet our miracle butter. Easy to apply with the perfect blend of botanicals to repair and sooth achy feet.

This foot butter has been a game changer in our home. Being a 'Nelipot', my feet never look soft. I stumbled across an oil that would change my life forever!


Moisturizer for your FACE in a stick!

This amazing blend of oils and herbs contains only the most beneficial ingredients and nothing more. You can use Sea Buckthorn Skin Repair to quickly moisturize any area of your body. In less than a minute, you can apply this to your face, lips, neck, hands, cuticles, knees, elbows, or anywhere else you can use more moisture during the day. 

Along with the added blend of botanicals to aid in killing bacteria and skin recovery, this will be your go to remedy to treat acute dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, burns rosacea, surgery scars and even skin discoloration. 

deodorant | with magnesium & himalayan salt

Our Deodorant with Himalayan Salt & Magnesium was created with the lymphatic system in mind. Here, we’ve enhanced our original formula with the addition of Magnesium for added health benefits, and Himalayan Salt, which helps to regulate water content both inside and outside of cells, and balance electrolytes.  Both are effective, gentle and great for both men and women.


Our all natural tooth powder is quickly becoming one of our FAVORITES. With just the right blend of naturals it helps whiten, remineralize, draw out toxins, and promotes PH balance. This perfect size container will provide you with 100 brushes and will last indefinitely on the counter since there are no liquid ingredients. All of the ingredients naturally discourage bacterial growth, so you don't have to be nervous about 'double dipping'.  


where healthy things happen

Meet Vivian Brinkman, founder of The Bohemian Mama, and formulator of the Boho Vibe product line.

Enjoying the journey of learning life changing tools & wisdom that will INSPIRE us to live out our passion - EMPOWER us to have more faith than fear - EQUIP us to live a purposeful life that becomes so contagious it affects the world around you. 

Join the Tribe that will change your Vibe.