Lavender/ Sweet Orange Magnesium Body Butter 4oz

Lavender/ Sweet Orange Magnesium Body Butter 4oz


This beautiful body butter contains the added benefits of magnesium. With a Shea and Cocoa Butter base, it’s a wonderful emollient that will leave your skin feeling soft all day long. Another key component in this butter is the Neem Oil. This wonderful earthy oil is anti-viral & anti-fungal. Known for aiding :

  • Symptoms of eczema

  • Fight acne

  • Treat minor wouds

  • Great for aging skin

For Some women, nutrient absorption is a real issue - from both food and supplements. Experiencing digestive issues and IBS have become the norm.

Signs you may be low in Magnesium:

  • Crave Chocolate (cacao is high in magnesium)

  • Have Adrenal issues

  • Experience muscle cramps and twitching

  • Suffer from insomnia

  • Have heart palpitations (that can also be due to other reasons!)

  • Feel body pain, aches and stiffness

  • Feel like your detoxification ability and liver are sluggish

Taking a good magnesium supplement can help in a matter of days.

You Can also get magnesium into your body, through your skin, this is called transdermally.

After all, the skin is our largest organ and the large surface of it allows for quick and effective absorption of magnesium, bypassing your digestion.

Here’s some more reactions that Magnesium is responsible:
*regulate & normalize blood pressure
*increase bioavailability of calcium
*prevent congestive heart failure
*decrease Anxiety & depression
*end cluster & migraine headache
*enhance circulation
*aid in weightless
*ease fibromyalgia & chronic pain

Can also aid in:

  • muscle cramping

  • fatigue

  • insomnia

  • restless legs

  • poor memory

Recommended Use:

Massage into the arms and/or legs to provide a broad area for absorption or rub onto any tense muscle. Absorption should be complete within 30 minutes.

Shea butter, natural cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, magnesium hydroxide powder, 100% natural neem oil, bees wax, arrow root powder and lavender & orange therapeutic grade essential oils.

Disclaimer: For educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

For external use only.

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