Magnesium body butter

Our Magnesium Body Butter is made of an emollient rich base of Shea and Cocoa butter, perfectly blended with Magnesium and therapeutic grade essential oils of Sweet Orange and Lavender to create a deeply nourishing body butter that uplifts and soothes.

Magnesium is responsible for more than 300 reactions in the body that perform incredible functions, from promoting strength and flexibility in the bones, to enhancing circulation, relieving pain and more. This beautiful body butter absorbs immediately to moisturize and heal the skin. Use as a daily moisturizer for hands, feet, nails, lips and face. 


pain relief
Arnica / magnesium
Body butter

Our Arnica / Magnesium Body Butter is both a remedy and a body butter. A base of Shea Butter is perfectly blended with powerful Arnica and Magnesuim to create a powerful but gentle body soother. Arnica provides relief from pain and inflammation associated with muscle aches and pains, bruises, sprains, muscle cramps and menstrual pain. Magnesuim, the fourth most prevalent mineral in the body and responsible for more than 300 functions, helps promote the health of skin, blood and bones. 

Because it is lightly scented with essential oils of Sweet Orange and Lavender, it's perfect for the whole family. Try it for chronic pain too, including fibromyalgia. 

herbal salve

Created with organic dried herbs, infused in sweet almond oil and essential oils, our Herbal Salve is wonderful all natural remedy. We have added a blend of lavender for anti bacterial & anti fungal properties and plantain for anti inflammatory & astringent properties. These herbs draws out toxins, poison impurities, blemishes and infections from the skin. With the addition of comfrey our Herbal Salve helps mend wounds and is an amazing contact healer. St. Johns Wort is included to help naturally reduce pain and discomfort. Our convenient travel size herbal salve is free of unnecessary antibiotics and feels better than kisses.