awakening your soul | 2019
october 5-6 2019



Saturday October 5 2019 9 am - Sunday 6 2019 2 pm


This Fall, we will be whisking you away on a soul searching adventure. Located at the Beautiful Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which offers 500 acres of green space, you will learn life giving tools for Self-Love.  

Let us help quiet down the doubt, and fear that is holding you back from stirring up your passion and purpose!  By inspiring you with real stories of women that pushed past fear and reached for their dreams, Empowering you with tools for successful, healthy, & balanced living, and Equipping you with knowledge and wisdom that you will be able to use and share with others. Then you will have the opportunity to see the world around you as a playground of possibilities. You hold the keys to unlock these dreams! Let us help free these truths inside you.

What you can expect:

  • Finding yourself in your Hoop: Yoga / Meditation

  • Drum Journey

  • Discussion on Body Love: nutrition / health, wellness

  • Discussion on Daily habits: Simplifying & Decluttering our Soul

  • Goal setting / Setting your intention

  • Gifts and give-aways

  • and so much more …

    What the cost covers:

  • Lodging

  • All your meals: Farm to table

  • Sessions / Activities

  • Access to 500 acres of private park

  • Connection with authentic beautiful women


We are a Tribe of women, supporting women! We want to see a stronger, more confident, healthier you. Are you ready for a Break Through? This comes from first learning Self- Love and then teaching others how to treat you. #loveheals

Meet Our Tribe of AMAZING women that have come together to create the perfect Retreat on Self-Love. I’m proud to call these three ladies my friends. Each one gifted with a unique way of loving life, spreading joy, and sharing their passion. Each one has a beautifully packaged gift inside them to unwrap and share with you. Please don’t miss this opportunity!

Spaces are limited and Pre-registration won’t last long.


Jen Scourfield

Jennifer is a professional yoga instructor, certified life coach and artist. Jennifer teaches many classes and uses the creative process to help others awaken, explore and discover their best life. She loves to laugh, share hope and teaches others that life isn’t only what you experience, but what you create it to be. Welcome her as she shares her gifts, talents, and passion with The Boho Tribe at Bohemian mama.


Hollie Stefaniak

Welcome this year to our Retreat Hollie!! She comes to us with 16 years experience as a Nurse. She’s filled with so much passion and excitement for all things heath related. She loves to dive in deep when it comes to supporting the body from the inside out. #happyhippie


Heather Scott

This year we are Blessed to also welcome Heather! Her mission is to restore balance into your everyday life by creating daily habits. She believes in a minimalist mindset, creating daily routines to start your day in the right direction, and time management. #simplify

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 7.32.06 AM.png

Vivian Brinkman

Welcome & THANK YOU for joining our Tribe of women on their journey to creating healthier, more balanced lifestyles. Embracing Rev 22:2 as my philosophy ' ... The leaves of the trees will be for the healing of the nations.’ I created a product line and a brand to help share the wisdom and knowledge that has been around for centuries. I believe healing is all around us, it’s our job to search for it and learn to apply it to our everyday lives. One of the key elements of my mission is bringing women together. I believe we were meant to do life together and this is why we are suffering from an epidemic of depression, anxiety, and loneliness. My goal is to help Awaken your purpose and restore passion back into the your individual lives.

Our Mission is to INSPIRE you to live out your passion - EMPOWER you to have more faith than fear -EQUIP you to live a life so full of purpose that it becomes contagious and affects the world around you.


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