Welcome to the Bohemian Mama

'HEALTHY' is not a diet, gym membership, or a size. Healthy is a life style and a state of mind. Healthy is finding the balance in life to support your body, mind, and soul so you can love your life enough that it spills over into other peoples lives and it become contagious!

We have made it our life's mission to find balance for you and your family. We are so excited about the things that we've discovered, that we wanted to create a brand, a mission that touches others.


Living the boho vibe

This is your home for lovingly hand crafted personal care products and remedies. Made with the finest ingredients to ensure healthy, nourished skin, lips and hair without the use of chemicals, toxins, artificial colors, fragrances or fillers.

Each product in our growing line has been created to be effective, healing and soothing for every member of the family. Formulation is guided by our constant study of herbs, minerals, and essential oils, and each product is finished with a prayer and blessing. 

Made in small batches, in Canton, Ohio to help you experience a healthier more balanced and peaceful life. That’s the Boho Vibe!