Travel Gratitude Journal

Travel Gratitude Journal

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Size: 5 x 7

70 Pages

White Pen, black ink

Our NEW Travel, Gratitude Journals comes with a pen that says, Empower, Inspire, Equip 💖 a reminder to jot down at least three things your thankful for everyday! This is the building block of our JOY! Being reminded daily to renew our minds and think on those things that are lovely and true.

Be reminded my friend that you are enough  💗  #attitudeofgratitude #daily #renewyourmind #getoutside#travel #dowhatyoulove

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Empower, Inspire, Equip

That has been our Mission from the beginning of our journey and the journey, my friends, has been a process! A beautiful, chaotic process of emotions!

We are so excited our Travel Gratitude Journals have arrived. This is the first of many Swag pieces that we are creating for our brand. Each piece is to inspire travel, adventure, and HOPE! 

With our Travel Gratitude journal and pen, we HOPE that you will carry this where ever you go and take the time to jot down three things EVERYDAY that you are Thankful for. It doesn't have to be monumental ... sometimes its as simple as getting out of bed. Some people can't get out of bed because they're sick, or their heart are too broken to face the day. 

Renew your mind today and focus on those things that are lovely and true