Herbal Infused Body Oil

Herbal Infused Body Oil


This beautiful blend of herbal infused, moisturizing oils absorbs quickly so not to leave your skin feeling greasy. The herb and oils were chosen intentionally for healing cracked dry skin, and leaving you with a beautiful glow without clogging pores. I Love the mood lifting scent of peppermint and rosemary, which help with memory recall (who doesn’t need that), making this the perfect GO-TO for a head massage when you have brain fog, headaches, or need an energy boost!

Use it to soothe tired achy muscles .. all the way down to a rejuvenating foot massage. We forget how many relax points of our body are located on our feet.

You can also add it to an epsom salt bath for a moisturizing and aromatherapy spa experience.

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1 oz

To Use: Generously massage oil over entire body after bathing. May also be used for massage, bath, cuticle oil

Ingredients: Jojoba oils, hempseed oil, calendula infused sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, peppermint and rosemary therapeutic grade essential oil